[How To Donate]

If you wish to donate to our server, you have to click on one of the buttons located at the top and bottom of this page. By clicking on them you will be redirected to the donation page. You can enter the exact amount that you want to donate and then you can choose to sign in to the platform or pay by credit card. In both cases, you will have the option to leave a note with your donation. We suggest that you enter the name of the character for which you want to receive the donation tokens. If you forgot to leave a note, do not worry. Please contact us in the game with petition or skype (L2Burn) or send us an email to support@l2burn.com to let us know the name of the Character you wish to receive the Donation Tokens. Donation Tokens will be added to your character within 1 business day. Every 1 Dollar = 1 donation token. All donation items are purchased exclusively with donation tokens. Therefore, it is not necessary to include additional information in the note, such as “desired gift gifts”, etc. In case of cleaning, the donors will receive the donation sheets again after 7 days.


If you have any questions about donations, please contact us in the game via petition or add us on skype (L2Burn) or send us an email to support@l2burn.com

[Items Info]

Donation items purchased through gift cards, if negotiable, will not be negotiable for 6 weeks from the time of purchase. After this period, the server will not be responsible for lost donation items due to PK drops and / or scams. Some donation items are usable potion items that affect your character in a way, such as leveling you up to Nv 90 or increase PvPs. Remember to use them in the correct / desired subclass, if applicable. The prices as well as the availability of donation reward items are subject to change at any time without notice. Donation Tokens can not be discarded, sold, traded or destroyed. The only way to remove them from the server is to spend them in the donation store of this NPC.

[L2Burn Help]

Monetary contributions are vital to ensuring the continuity and ongoing updates of our community. The donations you make go beyond simple server payment and web hosting costs; and should be seen as more meaningful than just a way to “buy items”. Developing an entire game server requires a lot of time and energy and your donations keep our server and team here. No donation is too small and none is overlooked. As always, thank you for your support.

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